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A two-phase routine with a completely fresh approach to Spectator Cuts the Aces plot. Turn the classic plot into a performance piece! Five variations are explained, with additional ideas to customize
The Effect: Four spectators choose four different cards which are then lost in the deck. Spectators themselves cut the deck into four groups. Each spectator deals different number of cards that they name for one group, some cards to the middle, some to the bottom, and one on top of each remaining group. At the climax, they end up with their four selected cards on top of each group. As a final surprise, the bottom card of each group is revealed to be the four aces!

Spectator Cuts to Everything is a direct solution to the “Spectator Cuts to Double Four of a Kind” card problem. In the video, five main variations are presented, along with further ideas to customize either of the two phases.

Can be performed with a normal deck without any gimmicks. The main handling requires almost no set-up and some variations can be performed 100% impromptu.

The video consists of the following 10 parts:

1. Introduction:
An overview of the routine with comments regarding the Spectator Cuts the Aces plot.

2. Main Handling- Brief Explanation:
A rather short explanation to summarize the general structure of the routine.

3. Main Handling- Detailed Explanation:
All the technical and psychological details, convincers, and subtleties are covered.

4. (Variation 1) Revelations in Reverse Order:
The first phase ends up with the revelation of the aces. As a final surprise, the bottom card of each packet is revealed to be the four selections.

5. (Variation 2) For Less than 4 Spectators:
Ideas to perform the routine for down to one spectator. A “Spectator Cuts the Four Kings and Four Aces” variation without any selected cards is included.

6. (Variation 3) Five Selections Variation:
The routine is performed with five spectators each picking a different card. Starts with a completely shuffled deck of cards. No set-up is required.

7. (Variation 4) The Count Down Trick:
A spectator’s freely chosen card is lost in the deck. Four spectators cut the deck and deal some cards from each packet as in the main handling. The top and bottom cards of each group are revealed to be forming a countdown, ultimately leading to the revelation of the selected card!

8. (Variation 5) Cutting High Trick:
This time there are no selections or dealing involved. As part of a “cutting to a high card” game, a spectator cuts the deck into four groups. The top cards of the groups are revealed. The highest card of the four cut cards is separated (in this case an ace). Now the bottom card of each group is revealed to be the remaining aces! This variation takes advantage of the second phase of the main routine, skipping its first phase entirely.

9. Further Observations:
Ideas on how the main routine can be customized. The two phases are assessed separately and their potential to be used in conjunction with the other four ace cutting routines is discussed in detail.

10. Inspirations and Credits

If you like Spectator Cuts the Aces plot, you are in for a treat! Spectator Cuts to Everything with its many variations allow you to perform amazing versions of the plot almost entirely in the spectators’ hands! Different presentations are possible with alternate endings. Every technical detail is explained in the video in a crystal clear fashion.

Download now and have your spectators cut to everything!
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