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Ring Clip Attachment by Mere Practice

Ring Clip Attachment by Mere Practice
Ring Clip Attachment by Mere Practice
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A way to attach a palmed card to another to create a double. This can be used for anything from a force, to a switch, to a control, to a reveal, to just a new way to set yourself up for anything that can be achieved with a double.

This very thorough explanation covers everything from the actual handling, to misdirection and angle advice, to various uses for it, and ultimately a transposition effect.

Everything is organized in what I call "staggered importance". This means that I put the most important things in the beginning and slowly expand into the ancillary and extra bits of information.

The lesson itself begins with a brief once over, followed by that same lesson again, but with more information and nuance. This is followed in turn by things related to the handling, but not actually directly a part of it, and so on.

Because of this, the less you want to watch the video and the sooner you want to get to practicing, the sooner you can.

If you choose to watch every moment until the end, you'll have a edge. But if you just want to get what you need and get out, I've organized this for you.

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