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Twilight Passage by Scott F. Guinn

Twilight Passage by Scott F. Guinn
Twilight Passage
by Scott F. Guinn
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This is the first installment of Scott's "Sit-Down Coin Magic" Series. Combining two classic plots of coin magic ("Twilight" and "Coins through Table"), Scott has come up with a powerhouse of coin magic that Guy Camirand called "A beautiful routine!"

A large silver dollar is dumped from an elegant box, and the box set aside. A mirror is held up to the coin. The coin's reflection is pulled out of the mirror--there are now two coins! The two coins are placed in front of the mirror. One at a time, each coin and its reflection are pulled away, leaving you with FOUR coins! The coins magically penetrate the table one at a time, the last one visibly! Finally, all four coins are taken in one fist and held over the box. The other hand hold the mirror between the fist and the box. The fist is opened--the coins are gone! The box is opened--all four coins are inside!

This routine is not meant for high-repeat situations like table-hopping, restaurant, or strolling gigs. Rather, this is a "feature" routine, designed for formal close-up shows, friends around the dining room table, or to impress that VIP at a lunch or dinner meeting. And impress them this WILL! In fact, as related in a story within the ebook, a man another magician in the Boise area had just performed for related to him in detail the effect of this routine even years after he had seen Scott perform it! Now that is the mark of strong magic!

Scott explains every detail of the routine in his clear and engaging writing style, which is accompanied by 24 photo illustrations, and a "Bare Bones Explanation" for review.

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