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Frenetic Vol 2 by Grant Maidment and RSVP Magic

Frenetic Vol 2 by Grant Maidment and RSVP Magic
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Frenetic Vol 2 by Grant Maidment and RSVP Magic

How often is it that a hugely successful working magician, tips all of his working material for others to use??? 

On this 2 DVD set, Grant Maidment performs totally workable routines that all pack a punch and are absolute winners. 

Volume 1 Contents: 

Your Signed Card 
Grant's signature twisting effect with two kicker endings 

Lucky Poker Chip 
A vanish and appearance of a Poker chip plus a card transformation 

A printing prediction with a surprise finish 

The Jokers Know 
The Jokers find the selected card, then reveal they knew the identity all along 

Monte Knives 
A Monte-style routine for the Color Changing Knives 

Shrinking Pen/Jumbo Coin 
A three-phased routine with a pen and a coin 

Volume 2 Contents: 

Repeat Sandwich 
A signed card appears between a named pair of cards twice, then the deck appears between them! 

Marked Cards 
Another climax to Twisted Flush 

Poker Jokers 
The Jokers find the four Aces... how? They were using marked cards, of course! 

No Pocket Deck Switch 
A utility move to introduce a cold deck 

Killer "Kickback" Key 
Extra phases to Jay Sankey's original routine 

Star Sign Deck 
Not only does the magician find the selected card, he also predicts the spectator's very own star sign!
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